Careena Carrier Beads Earrings / Pendant

Careena Carrier Beads Earrings / Pendant
Tutorial is now available at Again, you will receive two files. One file for the design and the other is basic odd count peyote for covering carrier beads.
This is another project for my addiction to carrier beads. lol When you doing the double beads, it has more room to play. So fun. lol 
I'll include two colorway as usual. I love to make more colors too.

BTW, I have updated my file for basic odd count peyote to include the double beads. I'm not sure the system will auto update for those who already bought the pattern. If you bought my Deepika tutorial, can you please check your purchase page and tell me that it's already updated to oddpeyote2.pdf. If yes, then this is the updated version and you can download. :D

But to make sure, tomorrow I'll send out the new version of the file to all my customers who already bought Deepika. :D
Happy beading!