Liliana Bracelet - The Naked Pearl and Purple Colorways

This is new colorway for Liliana bracelet. You can get the pattern from my shop at, and I have 25% New Year sale until Jan 2.

The colors are
- Superduo - Luster Metallic Amethyst
- Superduo - Chalk Lila Luster
- Pearl 4mm - Lavender
- Crystal 4mm - Purple Velvet
- Crystal 3mm - Light Tanzanite
- Crystal 3mm - Rose Water Opal
- 11/0 Matsuno - Metallic Bronze
- 11/0 Czech - Mix red (I picked only matte pink and medium pink)

And also, the naked pearl version.

Actually, this is the first version of this design without crystal 4mm in the middle. If you like the color, here you go,
- Superduo - Pastel Dark Coral
- Superduo - Pastel Pink
- Pearl - White
- Crystal 3mm - Jet 2X
- 11/0 Miyuki - Duracoat Gold #4302
- 11/0 Miyuki -  Matte Opaque Turquoise Green #412FR

If you like this version, during step 2, just pick up 11/0A, 11/0B and 11/0A. Then, pass through the pearl. Repeat. Pass through three 11/0s to the pearl on the right, and continue with step 3.

This design is real fun to play with colors.

Happy beading!